Some Aspects of Cybernetics in Various Faculties

Mathematics,Physics & Engineering
On Control
How does control really work? How does the cox steer the boat? The crew
are virtually impotent here, as only the cox can see! What other systems
can be controlled. Water clocks in ancient Greece, thermostats in the
domestic dwelling. The fly-ball steam governor, during the Industrial
Revolution. Can the economy be controlled? What does the Governor of the
Bank of England do?
On Homomorphic Dynamic Functions
Oscillators, non-sinusoidal oscillators-Predator-Prey systems
On Logic
Our cultural ideas of logic are based essentially on the work of Robert
Boole-True or False, Guilty or Not Guilty. Not Proven in Scottish Law.
On Decidability and Completeness-Kurt Godel, Austrian Mathematician.
On State-Space Analysis ---Observability & Controllability
On Chemical Oscillators-Serial reactions, each reaction has to wait for
it's predecessor to complete. Ludka-Belusov Reactions see Discussions of
the Faraday Society
Animal Ecology
On population dynamics-Weasels and Voles in a meadow!
On Homeostasis-Thyroid, Kidney, Cerebellum, Heart Functions, Electrolyte
On Mechanical Control Huntington's Chorea
On Blood Supply-Vascularisation of Tumours
Miscellaneous Chemotherapy strategies in Oncology, Autoimmune Disease
Finance Behaviour of the Stock Market and investment Strategies
The Governor of the Bank of England given control of the Basic Lending Rate.
The Law & Jurisprudence Bayes statistical law of Implication. English &
Scottish Law
Linguistics Parsing and Grammar-Human Languages and Computer Languages

WOSC-- World Organisation of Science and Cybernetics
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Past Presidents of The (UK) Cybernetics Society
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1968 - 1976 Dr. Haneef Fatmi Barrister and Lecturer in Electrical and
Electronics Engineering, King's College, London
1976 - 1979 Prof. Gordon Pask Professor of Cybernetics at Brunel
University. Inventor of Conversation Theory and Teaching Machines
1979 - 1989 Prof. Igor Aleksander Inventor of Wisard ,a remarkable pattern
recognition machine. Rector of Imperial College. London (...until 2000)
1984 - 1995 Dr. Haneef Fatmi Second term
!995 - 1999 Dr. Brian Warburton Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, The
School of Pharmacy London, Visiting Lecturer in Cybernetics at King's
College London
1999 - to date Prof. Martin Smith Birmingham University - Robotics Engineer

(Members may append M. Cyb.Soc. and Fellows F.Cyb.Soc)